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unity太空资源包Space Graphics Toolkit 3.3.4
所支持的Unity版本:4.5.0 及以上版本
Space Graphics Toolkit is a huge collection of fully customizable components that allow you to make anything you want for your space scenes.
Here is a list of the main components currently in this asset:
Atmosphere - Allows you to apply a fully volumetric atmospheric haze around your stars and planets, with full control over the density, colors, light scattering, lighting, shadows, etc.
Jovian - Allows you to create fully volumetric gas giants, with full control over the density, colors, etc. Works great with the Ring and Ring Shadow components too!
Singularity (NEW) - Allows you to create black holes that suck up and distort the light around them, with full control over the size, color shifting, strength, etc.

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