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unity场景物体选取突出显示图像边缘高亮插件Hierarchy Plus 1.9i 
所支持的Unity版本:5.5.0 及以上版本
Hierarchy Plus expands the original plain Gameob ject tree in Hierarchy Window with many essential 
 SceneView Highlight and Pickup
Highlight renderer, sprite and UI element when mouse hover it in hierarchy or      scene view. Outline 
selected sprite (Unity does not outline sprite). Switch and pickup overlapped ob ject in scene view. 
A tool bar on the top of hierarchy with several functions. Recent Gameob ject, Recent Scene, Save/Load 
Selection, Favorite, Note and Quick Settings
 Customize Display
Custom icon, icon tint, highlight, text color and bold for the label of Gameob ject. Row shading and 
separator, colorized tree line and highlight of level, main component as icon, children count.
 Exploring The Hierarchy
Click the icon to toggle the Gameob ject. Back to parent buttons collapse the tree to selected parent 
without scroll up the long list. Shadow Label show Gameob ject label in empty space......

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